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Ah ha!

We have a new to us Dining Room Table. We got it from craigslist for a really decent price ($175). We had been using a table that I received from a former boss, and while it was lovely, it really was not big enough. This one is big enough for the three adults living here, plus it has a leaf to make it a little larger.

The old table is now going to be used for potting and backyard parties.

Once I re-cover the chair seats, I will take better pics of the chairs and of the table legs. Here's a picture of the table as it is:


It needs a refinish and repainting. I will probably keep it about the same color. The flowers were a present from Jonathan's Aunt Karen. I love having fresh cut flowers!

Also, all of the rosebushes that were already here are coming back. One of them we were a little worried about. A bit of what we planted last year is coming back, but not everything. Mom got her new bird feeding station out and we are attracting all kinds of birdies!

I'll have another update shortly.

Also, I just realized that this looks super yellow, but the bottom of the table and the chairs are actually an off white. I wasn't paying attention when I took the picture and I think I had the camera manually set funky for something else...

{EDIT} I reuploaded the picture with the proper adjustments. It now looks a lot more like it should!