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A smallish update.

Well, let's see... Little Human is in his own room. He is taking to it decently, but he wakes up in the night and then won't let us leave. I think we are going to have to do some tough love to get him to sleep on his own through the night. I'll get some pictures of his room. We haven't painted yet, but it's coming! We actually have the paint for Little Human's room, but when we decided to switch rooms, getting him in there was the more pressing matter. Sleeping with an almost 3 year old was beginning to wear on our nerves.

I am getting our bedroom organized, FINALLY!!! It's nice to have a room that feels like a grown up room. I need to get a good scrubbing in on a few things and then I can take pictures in there. I haven't painted in there, either, but our room is less in need than LH's. This room is really going to be a tranquil room. We do have a TV and stereo in there, but we barely use it (although I was very excited when I realized that I can watch Craig Ferguson while getting ready for bed). We still have some silly stuff in there, and I am putting up my blue rope lights. I like the way they light the space without being glaring.

Still waiting on the cabinet and the smallish freezer in the kitchen, but I know it's coming! I still want to paint everything, but we have the added irritation of the strips between the wall panels. I am totally anal and I demand that we take them down, and then tape and mud the gaps. It will be time consuming, but I don't want it to feel like a manufactured home when you are inside. I just want it to feel like a home. Plus, they just make everything wonky, especially if you are trying to hang artwork or anything. If it isn't centered between the strips, it just looks off. The painting over our bed looks all funky because there is a strip off center behind it because I centered it over the bed. ARGH!

Anyway, that's what we are up to. I have been a very busy bee this week, and hope that the rest of the week. I still need to get back into taking photos. I love my camera and I am not taking photos. This gives me reason to do so!