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Mom has decided that she wants to switch rooms with Darby. This isn't really going to be a problem because (GASP!) Darby does not sleep in his room, nor does he really spend any time in there. Part of the problem is that in the old house, his bedroom was not temperature regulated. It was either way too hot or way too cold, and so it somehow became the extra storage room.

When we moved, he still wasn't in his own room because I never put his bed together. Then I got his bed together and immediately there was a recall for the side rails. So then it became a wait until the new rails come in. Well, they came and now I have so many damn bins that there is no room to take the bed apart.

I have spent a lot of time reorganizing all of his stuff. His old baby clothes are all organized by size in big Rubbermaid bins and I am hoping that Jonathan's mom can take them back to Texas when she comes out to visit. Jonathan's cousin lent us most of these clothes, and I hadn't had time to go through and get them put away in any sensible fashion until recently. I am keeping some of the stuff we bought that I am absolutely in love with, but that takes up one bin. I can make room for that!

I have been wanting to paint his room desperately, but can't because of all of the other stuff that has been going on in there. Now with the room switch, I can take everything out of his room, move mom in, and then I can paint his "new" room before he moves in.

Mom's reasoning for switching is sound. She has energy to make art in the morning. However, her current room doesn't have any light in the morning, or anytime really because of the ash trees in the front yard. The only reason she had for that room in the beginning was the closet size. She stored her paintings in the closet. There was one very large on in particular, but that went off to the gallery last week, so she doesn't need quite as much closet space any longer. Actually, I realized today that the closets are the same size just arranged differently.

I am so excited to start! I almost did today, but then realized that the Little Human is now free from his living room enclosure and I can't really get anything done while attempting to wrangle him...


May. 13th, 2010 12:53 pm (UTC)
I'm so excited! and I just can't hide it!